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Widening Access to Meaningful Work

Widening Access to Meaningful Work

Widen access to meaningful work.

Tech companies –– what if your talent philosophy started there?

Just think about what you could change.

But this isn’t happening.

You continue to source from the same homogenized groups while outsider candidates have no choice but to throw Hail Mary’s and apply to as many companies as they possibly can.

Let’s be honest here. They’re being ignored.

Either widen access to opportunity or keep fishing from the same pond. But it’s unlikely that you can do both.

So the questions remain ––

How many gates to entry is tech going to continue putting up?

And how many people are they going to deny opportunity to before they realize that their recruiting processes and tools are not designed to solve this problem?

The tech industry has created a big opportunity gap. And it just continues to widen it.

It narrows when outsiders get a chance.

  • Candidates outside of your tech bubble.
  • Candidates outside of your age bubble.
  • Candidates outside of your “top 5 schools” bubble.
  • Candidates outside of every bubble that exists at your company!

In order to widen access to opportunity, candidate advocacy needs to be the foundation for every talent initiative moving forward.