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How to Write a Job Description That Attracts and Repels

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This is one of our job descriptions.

It’s an example of what attracting or repelling at the top of the funnel can look like.

And when you embrace this mentality, you can expect certain outcomes:

  • Short-term: Recruiter efficiency.

    • Less time talking to people who aren’t bought-in.

  • Long-term: Retention.

    • Bought-in candidates turn into highly engaged employees. This means they stay longer––especially when times get tough.

Here are some tips:

  • Come out of the gate with a strong, transparent headline. (Job titles are boring. They’re rooted in norms and assumptions. Kill them upfront!)
  • Manage expectations: How many hats will they truly be wearing?
  • What’s the compensation? Yeah, just come out with it already!
  • What are the hours? Are they flexible?
  • Speak to the current (and future) state of the business.
  • What does this role mean to you as an organization?
  • Give a look inside the work: What will their day-to-day look like.

Allow candidates to opt themselves in or out before they apply. Pure and simple.

Note: This role is currently closed, but will re-open in some iteration in the near future.