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You Have Time

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I didn’t start hitting my professional stride until 39. I’m now 42.

Here’s what stride means to me:

1. Perspective.

I can maintain perspective during tough times because of grown-up challenges.

My grown-up challenges––past and present––include: job loss, deep financial lows and high financial high’s, big debt responsibility, parenting, the possibility of divorce, failed business attempts, failed relationships, substance abuse (I’ve been sober 9yrs).

2. I’m comfortable with uncertainty.

Change isn’t scary. I control my controllable’s and leave the rest.

3. I’m clear about what money means to me.

As long as our bills are paid and I can buy the food I want, everything else is gravy. Stuff doesn’t matter. Simplicity does.

4. I’m not afraid to take a step backward.

This allows me to go all-in on my work and take short-term risk in exchange for long-term gain.

If you’re feeling stuck, all I can say is that you have time.

I know because I’ve been there. And there’s a chance I’ll be there again.

It’s part of the game.

Challenges only make sense in hindsight.

But they always make sense

P.S. This is to serve as a thought exercise. I’m not here to define what stride means for you. Your challenges are uniquely special. It's up to you to reframe them.