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Your content checklist for quick wins & long-term strategy

Startups––you’re constantly shifting your talent strategy.

If there’s anything you’re comfortable with, it’s constant change.

This is where you thrive.

You live in a world of short-term reactionary thinking most of the time.

And if you’ve paused hiring, now is the time to reprioritize brand.

You finally have the space to think. Use it to build out your long-term content plan.

Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning:

Tactical content for quick wins:

*Market these internally across the organization to:

  1. Get feedback on the content
  2. Get employees excited to organically share on social

More strategic:

  • Conduct focus groups to redefine your company Why
  • Create a content calendar
  • Rewrite job descriptions (example)
  • Build out an internal wiki to teach, train, and onboard
  • An “all in one place” nutshell link for candidates (like this)

This is your content checklist.

Focus on knocking out the quick wins to build a strong foundation of evergreen content + one strategic initiative at a time.